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About German Lopez, Internet Marketer, Hip Hop Producer, Sound Designer, and More

Hello Good Friend,

Welcome to my website... or at least, one of my many websites that I have put together and have published out there online.

My name is German Lopez and I've been all over the internet in a manner of speaking.  Let's take a journey... I'll try not to make it long though I don't promise you anything.  I do like to write after all.  I just want to take you on a journey of who I am and what I am about.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1977 and had my fair share of life experiences, some like every other person has experienced, and others that have molded me into the person I am today.  It is the experiences that have helped to mold me that I am most appreciative for, even though some may have not been so pleasant.

I moved to North Carolina in 1995, and here is where I've been residing ever since.  I graduated from high school here in North Carolina with a good honor roll standing after almost potentially not graduating high school at all had I remained in New York.  I thank my mother to this day for the move to NC that we all made!  It was the beginning of the turnaround for me.

My Professional Career Path

Fast forward through some years to my first official job at Champs Sports, where I started as a sales associate, and managed to climb up the ladder a bit at a time right after high school to become an Operations Specialist, and then a Shift Manager before finally leaving to pursue other avenues.  I was proud of my accomplishments at that job, and made a lot of great friends there along the way.

After that, I learned more and more about customer service in addition to what I had learned at Champs, as I took on my new role as a Credit Analyst for former Alltel Communications (I so miss that place... wish Alltel was still here now).  Within that company starting in 1999, I managed to stay with them for 10 years, learning more and more about business and about customer service as well.  Sadly, my departure ended in 2009 when Verizon purchased Alltel Communications and we were all laid off.  But they say, blessings come from all directions.

My Hobby Forms, and Starts My Personal Creative Path

While I was working at Alltel, I had been working on my side business of hip hop and R&B instrumentals, something I started to enjoy working on and learning.  I got into the learning process of it back in 2001, and kept listening to hip hop and rap music and studying the instrumentals part of it more and more.  For some reason, hip hop beats of the 90's really drew to me, so I wanted to make my own.

As time progressed, I taught myself more and more mentally, and by 2003, I got into learning a music production software program called FL Studio.  This would be the beginning of my deep dive into hip hop instrumentals production.  Going into 2003 and beyond, I started producing more hip hop beats and R&B instrumentals and just publicizing them online.  I wasn't even thinking of selling at that time, I just enjoyed doing it and wanted to showcase them as well.

My Hiatus Causes a Rift In My Music Journey

However, the more I got into doing it, the more people asked me about them, and I managed to sell a few here and there.  However, after some personal issues in my life, I had to stop cold for awhile to focus on those issues instead.  It was heartbreaking as I had many people into my music, though I knew nothing at that time of how to promote or sell my instrumentals.  However, the hiatus period of my life impacted my name and status, and caused me to disappear from the names of others.

Picking Up The Pieces To Start Anew

Fast forward to early 2008, where I decided to try again at publicizing my hip hop instrumentals.  I had looked into ways to get more people to listen, but with the hiatus I had, things had changed so much I didn't know where to go or what to do.  I felt my image was lost, and that I'd never regain it back.  And that's when I looked into some research and stumbled upon internet marketing.

How Internet Marketing Training Helped Me To Make More Sales

I started doing some research to see if there was even a way I could get more visitors, more publicity, and more hip hop beat sales to my Beats site.  After all, I knew in the past that people were interested in buying beats from me before, and I had managed to slowly build some more beats over time, so I wanted to of course get publicity.  And when I did research, that's when I stumbled on internet marketing as an option.

Granted, most of the internet marketing stuff back when I started doing some research was more towards promoting nothing related to my niche of hip hop music.  But, the more I researched, the more I started to understand how some people made money online.  Still, it wasn't the easiest training to go through as most of what I was doing, I had to find myself via Google and so forth.  Still, I pieced little by little together like a patchwork quilt, and kept testing and learning as I went along.

It was a grueling process early on.  I felt like I had overloaded myself with a bunch of different pieces of internet marketing and how to make money online and so forth, but well, I wasn't seeing money at that point.  I felt that I probably wasn't doing something right, and then more so, since I had to tailor what I was learning to try to work for what I was doing with music, I felt more frustrated.  However, after some months and months, it finally happened!

I made my first sale online again, in December of 2008!  It was a great feeling!  Yes, I had sold a beat or two back in the day prior to my hiatus, but that was not even through my trying to publicize myself.  I was doing it for fun then and with no thoughts of trying to sell.  But to have put in some work and finally, the chance to see that I could earn money online had me motivated, especially with something I took enjoyment in making as a hobby!

Of course, that was the first sale that came along, and then a couple of months or so passed I believe it was with no other sale.  I was frustrated once again, but turned that into more learning and research.  I then sought some internet marketing training program to learn from to see if there was more I could do.

Internet Marketing Training Helped Me Earn More Online

The thing I've learned over the years with internet marketing is that most people that get into it expect to learn in one day and expect to have money pouring in the same day!  There are those that are lucky, but this happens to VERY few!  In fact, most people tend to give up before really giving themselves the potential to see results occur to them.  

It can and it DOES come, but you have to learn, you have to invest in yourself with internet marketing training of some sort.  Of course, back in 2008 and 2009, there were only programs that offered some training but for a monthly fee.  

I had joined a training program called Chris Farrell's Membership, which was a monthly charge type membership to teach internet marketing, tips and tricks, and so on.  I joined probably for a couple of months or so but then dropped it mainly due to the monthly cost of it.  However, I don't regret at all having joined them and may have even considered staying a bit longer.  

The training program was really an eye opener and I did learn a decent amount back then which helped.  I think at the time I learned from it, it was a great program, and I honestly feel it still is a great program, especially if you have the money to invest in it monthly.  The price I believe is $37 a month for it, and you will learn a lot, especially if you're new.  However, for some, the price may be a bit too steep for something you're not yet sure in starting out learning about.

However, I took a risk at that time but was hesitant about the price, especially since it was a monthly fee.  But then, I'm a firm believer in investing in yourself especially if you will learn from it.  However, it would've been nice if at that time I learned, that the cost of the training was a one time fee like Copy Paste Cash is, rather than a monthly charge for it.  Either or, I still feel that it's worth it to join a solid training program either like Chris Farrell's Membership or Copy Paste Cash that you can learn from... something that will help you along the way and elevate your learning, and things you can then implement to see how it works.

So after I did the training in 2009 for a bit, I then started implementing some of what I learned from it.  Some months later, I started seeing more sales going on little by little.  I was getting happier and getting the hang of internet marketing for my hip hop beats sales!  And with time, my mind brainstormed even further thanks to internet marketing!

A New Site is Spawned From Questions Regarding My Beats Site

Lo and behold, the thoughts of creating a new website came to mind, the more and more I had people who MAKE Beats (not rap artists or R&B singers, but actual producers) asking me questions about where I got my sounds from, the sounds I used on my own music production.  I started getting more and more questions, and it was at that point that I created the website as a branch off site to showcase the sounds I created and used on my own hip hop beats.

And so my 2nd site was born.  And with that, I started doing some of the same techniques that I had learned to use on my hip hop beats site to implement to this site.  And with that, things started happening as well.  Granted, it was still at a bit of a slower pace, but it started happening more and more.  And it was then that I could see that you CAN make money online!  And I was doing it, not with one website, but with two merchant websites I put together and created!  I was proud of myself for taking action, but even more so, for investing in myself with the internet marketing training I had taken!  Seeing more sales coming in little by little was a great feeling!  And I made back the money I had invested in myself as well and more, so no loss there at all!

And with having two sites now online, would you believe that after several months of having both sites up and running, I started having more people also asking how I did it... how I managed to create two sites, and how I was able to make sales online!  And so, yup, a 3rd site eventually was born, along with my first eBook creation!

There Is Money To Be Made In Teaching and Coaching

With more and more questions and my answering them, the thought came to mind to create an ebook that can help others with some of the hurdles I once went through as well, and so I put together my ebook and then put together a brief site to sell it on.

And so the site was born, along with the ebook for sale there as well.  I started to market it a little as well in addition to the other two sites, and eventually, I started to also make some sales from that site as well!  I was now earning money online from THREE different websites!!

Investing in More Training Continued To Help Me Even Further!!

Okay, I won't continue forward on this long extensive journey much longer.  It's becoming a book I can probably sell too by now.  Lol!

But, I will say that within the last few months, I invested in the CopyPasteCash program to further some tips to my mind, and I can honestly say that I don't regret it either.  I've actually applied some of the methods from this program as well to further enhance my sales and to make even more money!

I had jumped into some affiliate marketing prior to joining the CopyPasteCash training program and was earning a bit of extra money as well from being an affiliate for other products.  However, when I started using some of the CopyPasteCash techniques, it started enhancing some sales for me as well for all of my business ventures including my websites!

I Highly Recommend Taking A Training Course To Help Your Mind Open Up

I can say that I've been happy with the training courses that I've studied from regarding internet marketing so far, as they have definitely opened up my way of thinking.  There are others too, but I'll fill you in more on those at a later time.  However, I would recommend and advise you partake in an internet training program to help open your mind and to boost your sales with methods you can implement.

I'd say for sure that if you don't want to invest in a monthly training program for now, I'd recommend investing in the CopyPasteCash program since it's only a One Time Fee of $29.95 and Lifetime Updates to it.  This way, you'll have training that you can implement, earn some money, and can then invest in a program like the Chris Farrell's Membership if you choose to then since it's monthly.  

Or, you can do like I do and invest in the Chris Farrell's Membership now and do a month or two from it and take in all you can take in from it.  Just make sure you have the time for it as the information there can overload you at once (a good and a bad as too much info at once can be negatively impacting and cause you to quit).

Regardless of the path you take though, investing in an internet marketing training course will definitely help you learn more and earn more!  Trust me, I'm doing it now and it took me some time, but then, if you have more free time, you can learn faster and implement faster as well!

Best of success to you!  I know you can do it!  Thank you for taking a journey with me.  Hope you enjoyed the trip!


German Lopez

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