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Monday, April 8, 2013

What Should I Blog About - Beat Writer's Block

What Should I Blog About - Beat Writer's Block

If you have a blog, I'm sure you've been hit with writer's block wondering, "what should I blog about today"?  We've all been there, but let this blog post help you out of writer's block.  After all, it is your blog, so that in itself already should be a notion that you can write as freely and as creatively as you'd like.  But whether you own a Wordpress blog, or are stumped with your Blogger account or wherever you may blog to, don't worry, you can overcome writer's block.  You just have to do a bit more thinking outside the box.  Let me help you with those thoughts.

Don't Let Writer's Block Set In Any Further For You

First of all, I want to apologize for the delay in time from my last blog post til now.  I've actually been a bit busier with business plans and my website work, that I haven't had a chance to write a blog post in a few days.  But as I mentioned before, this blog will indeed be around for as long as I'm alive posting on it, so be sure to check through all of the other 24 posts on the site so far.  I'm hoping to reach the 100th post this year as I'm confident that I will.  And maybe I'll get lucky and reach the 200th post as well!  Lol.  But anyway, let me continue.
Writer's block is a pain, I know.  When I used to write years ago, it would hit me out of nowhere at the worst moments, especially when I had to do creative writing in school.  But over time, I've learned a few tricks that has helped me in the past with writer's block, and I hope that the following tips that I'll provide to you will help you as well.  With that, let us proceed to a few tips.
1.  THERE ARE NO RULES:  When you're writing, just remember that there are no official rules to what you can and cannot write... well, expect pornographic material and slander of course, but I mean in general, topics can be whatever you wish them to be so it's as creative as you want to get.  Don't remain stumped with "what should I blog about?" on your brain for long... after all, you can't write about that.  But indeed, be as creative as you want with your blog.  For instance, if you own and write up on a cooking blog, you may have a day or week that you don't really have anything to post.  However, I find that it is a good rule of thumb to at least write twice a week if you can't do it every day.  That said, let's say you're stumped... have no recipes you want to share.  Well, think to a favorite food that you like, and just start writing about it.  So if strawberries is a food that you find very helpful, then instead of a recipe, make a blog entry about the benefits of strawberries and let it ride.  Here's the funny part, that thought just now came off the top of my head as I was writing.  And this is the joy of blogging and writing.  You have freedom to write how you want, how little or how much you want, and so on.
2.  LOOK TO OTHER BLOGGERS FOR IDEAS:  Let's face it.  Sometimes you just don't have a thought in mind, but you need that mental jolt to get your brain going.  And what better way to help put writer's block to sleep, than to get some ideas in your mind.  Think of topics in your field or niche and just start doing searches for others with blogs in your field, and get some ideas down.  Jot some blog topics that they've done, but then of course remember to change the title of the blog post to something that fits your style.  And, then write your own blog post based on that idea.  You're not copying someone else's blog post, you're simply getting ideas from them.  Trust, it's been very helpful for me at times as well.
3.  LET YOUR OUTSIDE WORLD STIMULATE YOUR MIND:   Do you love Survivor?  How about The Walking Dead?  Or maybe you just love reality TV like The Real Housewives of Atlanta (yeah, I've watched it as well with my wife... it's the only one of those types of shows I actually watch, I'm not much for the others at all in this niche).  Or perhaps you're into kayaking and have some pictures you want to share of your trip, or maybe you love Playstation 3.  Either way, just veer completely off topic and start writing about what you like or want to share.  Just remember, if you're talking about movies or shows, don't give away the juice as your readers may not quite be up to where you are.  But feel free to open the floor to discuss whatever you'd like.  Take pictures or places you see while driving around and make a mental note to yourself or on your phone to write a blog post about whatever stimulated an idea.  The world is vast and your blog can be too!
4.  PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OR FEELINGS:  You've probably noticed that I've written two personal blog posts.  I wrote a blog post dedicating it to my recently late grandmother and poured my feelings onto that blog post, and then I wrote another blog about a personal experience my wife and I are going through with regards to the school system and early admissions into Kindergarten for our son.  Both of these are personal blogs, but I chose to write about them.  Another bonus about personal blog posts aside from destroying that "what should I blog about now?" feeling, is that it lets your readers and fans into your personal space.  They know that you're a real person, that you bleed real blood, that you have real emotions and feelings, and readers love this.  It builds trust with them, and it lets them feel you for who you are, rather than some simple blog encyclopedia of information but no emotion, no personal feeling, no connection.  Picture a blog without your own personal touch on it... it'd be the equivalent of watching a movie that doesn't develop the characters in any kind of light for you.  So let your personal touches run wild and write personal blog posts as well... I know I am with this blog and I'm loving it!
5.  ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS YOU MAY WANT ANSWERS TO:  This sounds weird but it can actually work out well.  It benefits twofold actually.  For one, it helps you write up a new blog entry and thus eliminates writer's block.  AND, furthermore, it helps you research into answers you need for the questions that you have so that you know the answers as well as your viewers who may have also had the same questions that you had.  And this in turn builds a nice social boost to your blog, as it provides help to those reading it and in turn, may have them share your post as well with others.  It's a win win blog post if you ask me, so write blog posts that ask questions to your readers as well as yourself.  You can even do a questions blog post now and write up another blog post later with a follow up of answers for that blog post.
6.  INFORMATIVE BLOG POSTS THAT HELP PEOPLE ALSO HELP YOUR BLOG:  If you have some information related to your niche or field that you feel is great information or instructions that can help someone, that in itself makes for a great blog post.  It helps with writer's block, and it provides your reader with great useful information.  It doesn't get better than that!  It can be something that may have helped you that in turn can help your readers as well, such as the blog post I did about making money posting ads online which has been helpful for readers.  And the more informative blog posts you write about, the more it will help people and in turn, they can spread word of mouth to others and so on, so it keeps traffic building to your website as well.

Now That You Know What You Should Blog About, Get To Writing

Now that you're really set on what you should blog about, you can get to writing a blog post or two.  In fact, something you can also do, is to write up a notepad reminder of some blog titles or topics that you want to touch, and save this file.  And the more you come across blog posts in mind, open that file and save those ideas to the file as well. 
You'll realize that before long, you would've more than likely amassed a nice variety of at least 20 or 30 titles that you can refer to.  And no matter how recent or how long ago you've blogged, keep adding thoughts to that list and when you've completed that topic on your notes file, cross it off.
With these tips at your disposal, I'm sure you'll have a much better time writing blog posts, and less down time dealing with the dreaded question marks in your mind on what to write.  With the above tips to help you overcome writer's block, it'll only be a matter of time before you start to reach your 50th blog post, or 100th, or 200th, or whatever your milestone number will be.  And at that point, you can look back to this blog post and remember how it helped you overcome that dreaded question that may have plagued you for some time now:  "What should I blog about?".
To Your Success,
German Lopez

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