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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marketing With Twitter - Is Twitter Really Effective?

Marketing With Twitter - Is Twitter Really Effective?

If you have Twitter, you're probably wondering if marketing with Twitter is effective or just another account to worry about among the many social networking websites out there already.  I mean, how marketable can 140 characters or less be, right?  Can it really help generate you leads, sales, and traffic to your site?  Or is it really just a platform for posting about what you ate last night, or how much you love watching reruns of Married with Children (I STILL love that show!)?  Well, if you've wondered about marketing with Twitter, let's dive a bit deeper, shall we?

You Can Make An Impact By Marketing With Twitter

First and foremost, let me put the answer in front of you by saying that YES, it IS effective to market with Twitter.  However, many people give up on the concept of it because for one, they find that they can't generate enough followers to follow them.  And second, they just feel they don't have enough time to even deal with using Twitter, much less marketing with it.
You're Missing Out by not marketing with Twitter!
I think Twitter has indeed been a nice addition to my marketing strategy for both promoting all of the hip hop beats for sale that I have on my website, AND, it has also been helpful and instrumental in marketing my FL Studio sounds website as well.  In fact, it has also been very helpful in earning me some affiliate marketing sales for related products that I promote using Twitter.
I will of course be honest and upfront in that in order to really use Twitter to its potential, you will need to build a following slowly but surely.  And while this will take time, continue to read on as I will fill you in on a tool that I invested in that has helped me to build that following with real people related to my niche, to which you'll be able to do the same as well.
I'll also fill you in on some other learning materials that will help you learn and improve your Twitter marketing strategies to a greater degree as well.  Of course, I stand by the need of some kind of internet marketing training as I've stated on my previous blog post.
Just as with any type of marketing that you engage in, whether Twitter, or affiliate marketing, or utilizing classified ads to make money, you can earn money in time, with the right training in tact.  So let's proceed even further.

TweetAdder - A Tool That Can Help You Market With Twitter More Effectively

If you're a person like I am and tend to do research on tools that can help you with internet marketing altogether, you may have heard of a tool called TweetAdder before.  If you haven't, not to worry as I'll fill you in a bit on it here.
The TweetAdder Twitter Management System is a program that was created to help you with your Twitter marketing strategy and campaign.  It is an automated program that you purchase one time, and can then use it to completely put your Twitter on autopilot.  By this, I mean that you can create a large variety of tweets that you want blasted, and then set up the program to blast those tweets in timed intervals that you can control and set up.  So with this, you can create a variety of different tweets ranging from those promoting affiliate products or your own products you wish to promote, to messages or quotes that inspire and uplift people, and so on.
Furthermore, TweetAdder also allows you to search Twitter for people by certain keywords, and allows you to find those people, and to then Follow them.  This in itself is a great tool as it can sometimes pull lists of 2,000 or more followers.  However, do NOT follow too many people at once, especially if you don't yet have a decently established Twitter account, or you will get banned.  I like a rule of thumb to follow starting out, with maybe 20 - 40 people a day.  As you do this daily, you'll slowly start to gain followers from it.  And the longer you do this, the better.
However, if you are creating a brand new Twitter account, I recommend that you first create several tweets a day to get some messages on your twitter account before you start following people.  You can create a bunch of tweets with TweetAdder first and then start automating it, and then adding more tweets to it as you progress.  At this point, I'd recommend only following maybe 10 people a day for a week or so until you have a good amount of tweets created.  At that point, you can then slowly increase the followers further, and as time progresses and you tweet more messages, you can continue further with building more people.
Once you have more of an account established, you can further work on your Twitter marketing by slowly increase your following to maybe 100 people, which I'd recommend maybe after a few months.  As I mentioned earlier, marketing with Twitter is not a process you can accomplish in a few days.  It takes time, but when you build it up, it brings results.
I've had good success with my rap beats using Twitter, and I've also made some affiliate commissions with it as well.  I recently started to also create another Twitter account, @glopezmarketing (you're welcome to follow it), but I need to get back to work on it as I've been so busy with other ventures and getting this blog together, that I've not tweeted yet since February.  However, I definitely intend on building this account up as well.  My next task is to create a bunch of tweets to put on automation for that account.
Here's an image of my Twitter account for you to review:
Hip Hop Beats for Sale - Follow me on Twitter at @genycis 
You can view my Main Twitter account that I use for my hip hop followers at @genycis and follow if you wish as well.  As you can see, I've accumulated well over 19,000 followers now as you can see from the image above, and it's Still Growing!  And I did most of it after obtaining TweetAdder.
Marketing with Twitter using TweetAdder 

You Can Market With Twitter More Effectively With The Right Training Courses As Well

Along with TweetAdder, you have some training courses in how to market with Twitter more effectively that can really help you gain in some money with Twitter as well, especially when you start to build more and more followers and have a thousand or more followers under you.
Twitter Total Domination is a training course that will show you the Ins and Outs of Twitter and how you can really get the most of the major social marketing giant.  This video training course on Twitter marketing will teach you things like how to make your profile stand out from others (something most people don't even take time to do and hurt their marketing efforts from the jump), how to automate Twitter for your business or blogging needs (Twitter can make a great tool for blogging, especially when you build more followers as it has helped my beats site with the blog I have on it as well), and will show you how to make the best of using your followers to your advantage.  It will also show you some solid tactics to make money with Twitter as well, something we all want to do of course.
Another training course that you can consider is Twitter Decoded.  This twitter marketing tutorial is in an eBook form and will also provide some gems that you can use to market more effectively with Twitter.  Furthermore, this training program will guide you on how you can really make your following, and how you can make money with Twitter using free resources as well.
Twitter Decoded will teach you things like how to dominate Twitter in your niche or area of expertise, how to really put automating into motion with Twitter to make it work for you instead of you working for it, how you can turn Twitter into a tool to build you a bunch of subscribers to your mailing list which will in turn convert into sales for you, and more!  And you'll also get a video course when you order it that will further teach you tips, strategies, and more!
It will also guide you to not make the same mistakes that most people make using Twitter that impact them negatively, such as spamming with Twitter and so on.  All in all, this ebook will provide you with solid training that will improve your marketing with Twitter and will help you earn money with Twitter, whether you're promoting affiliate products, selling your own merchandise, or building traffic for your blog, and more!
At $19.99, this book is a valuable asset to teaching you the Ins and Outs of Twitter marketing.  Please note, if you are considering purchasing this product, you'll have to look for the Twitter bird image with "Order Now" as there is a link issue with some of the "Purchase Now" links.
With these tools at your disposal, you'll turn your Twitter account into a leads building, money making machine!  And you'll build the followers that you need to keep it going on autopilot for months to come!

With The Above Information Under Your Belt Now, Do You Believe Twitter Marketing Is Possible?

Now that you've read the above information further, are you a bit more convinced that marketing with Twitter can indeed be a very powerful tool to utilize for your marketing needs?
Twitter has been around for some time, and more and more large businesses are using it.  And there is a reason for that.  Social media marketing has become major since Twitter and Facebook really made themselves grow to the giants that they are today.  And with other sites such as Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more coming to the forefront on social marketing, how can you afford not to utilize Twitter, one of the biggest sites for social marketing?  And with some of the training courses mentioned above, along with TweetAdder as a very recommended tool to use under your belt, you can really turn your Twitter efforts into something great!  I know because I have indeed done so, and I can't imagine Not using Twitter now after the impact it has had on my business sites.
Who would've ever thought that 140 characters (not words, but characters!) could become very powerful in making money online, in building your brand, and in drawing traffic to your site?  Apparently there was someone out there with a great idea, that turned into a marketing giant!  Twitter is indeed here to stay... and while it continues to help more and more people earn money online, and to build their businesses to bigger sizes, there is no reason after having read this blog post today, that you can't make Twitter work for you as well.  Remember, with internet marketing altogether, comes the task of looking into various different avenues to market from, and what better avenue to choose, than marketing with Twitter?
To YOUR Success,
German Lopez

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