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Monday, April 15, 2013

Get Over It - Don't Let Negativity Stop You From Success

Get Over It - Don't Let Negativity Stop You From Success

Well, I wanted to write an inspirational topic that will hopefully uplift you all, especially those of you feeling a bit of despair at this time on where you may be with your online business pursuits or any other avenues in your life for that matter.  I don't typically listen to Joel Osteen on a regular basis, but I happened to flip through the channels yesterday and caught the tail end of one of his sermons, and his message was, "Get Over It", in reference to pushing away adversity and negativity and taking hold of your destiny instead of letting woes or despairs hold you back.  So are you feeling a bit negative at this moment?  We all do from time to time, but if you are right now, or just need a lift up, read further and let this post uplift your spirits.
I can definitely say that I've been in the boat a time or two or more in the past as well.  And even now, I sometimes fall into the same mental rut of frustration, feeling the thoughts, "if only I had got into music earlier" or "if only I had been more brave with public speaking as a kid", and so on.  But that was the basis of Joel Osteen's message yesterday.  When you feel the "if only I" thoughts come to mind, it is already the reflection of doubt of yourself and the subconscious making excuses as to why you can't still achieve or pursue what you wanted to pursue altogether.
When you start to clear some of these doubts and frustrations, you start to cleanse your thinking and your mind and gain some more focus.  Start to flood your mind with more positive thoughts, such as "I CAN and I WILL achieve something great today" with of course "something great" being a task or a part of a task you want to achieve.  So for instance, instead of saying "if only I had started blogging years ago", why not just start blogging now!  Take a stance on it, do a brief bit of research, or simply just get into a free Blogger account and start blogging!  Let your mind run free!  And if you need some inspiration on what to write, you can always go to my other blog post here on some ideas on what you should blog about.
Regardless of what the task may be and how big it may seem, if it is something you want to do and achieve, tackle it on!
The point being made by the phrase, "Get Over It" is that no matter how much you try to wallow in self pity, you will not accomplish anything by doing so, other than more stress.  So why not "get over it", and push it aside, and let yourself push forward with the drive that you will make something happen!
I can say that I've felt this way in the past more so, and even sometimes I still do feel this way as well.  But I then do the best that I can to get something accomplished.  Even if it may not be the full task at hand, it may be that I completed half of what I had wanted to do, which then also gives me the drive to finish even more of it the next day or later on the same day if possible.

The Player Who Didn't Let His Circumstance Stop Him From Success

Joel Osteen gave a great example of "Get Over It" and a remarkable success story with a major league baseball player he had referenced who played back in the early 1900's.  As a youth, this child suffered a major injury with farm machinery that resulted in the mangling and severing most of his index finger and damaging other fingers.  This happened to be with his throwing hand of all the luck.  He then later sustained yet another injury to the same hand while healing which broke several of his fingers.  They weren't able to be reset properly so his hand looked a bit odd along with his missing index finger.
Most people with this type of injury would've given up dreams of playing baseball altogether, especially when your throwing hand has suffered through so much.  However, this young boy continued to pursue his dreams despite his adversity.  He "got over it", and pushed forward.
As a result, his desire and perseverance paid off and he managed to play so well that he made it to Minor League and played for awhile and wound up making it to Major League Baseball as a pitcher.  What made him even more of a threat as a pitcher, ironically enough, was his severed finger and other damaged fingers.  Because of his unusual grip, his pitches were regarded as some of the best breaking balls and curve balls a pitcher could ever throw, and would often throw batters completely off resulting in strikeouts to his credit.
This famous pitcher, despite the injury he had sustained as a child, went on to be a World Series Champion twice, and also had an exceptional Earned Run Average (ERA) of 2.06 for his career.  Just a tidbit, for those of you who aren't familiar with ERA for a pitcher, the lower the number, the better as this number means that on average, he allowed only 2 runs scored.  Most pitchers tend to average between an ERA of 3.00 and 4.00 with some higher.
Another milestone was that this pitcher, known as Mordecai Brown, earned a career total of 1,375 strikeouts as well.  With so much under his belt, you would probably never have guessed that he had injured his hand at all... or on the flipside, you would guess that someone who injured his hand to such a degree would never be able to throw with that hand, much less win many games with his pitching. 
Indeed, Mordecai Brown's story is an inspiration that instead of wallowing in self pity on how his hand was damaged, he "got over it" and pushed forward, practiced, and got better WITH his injury.  His story shows how he didn't think "if only I hadn't injured my hand as a child", but instead, how he pushed forward and achieved exactly what he had desired to achieve as a child.

Don't Let Negativity Stop You From Success - Now It's Time For You To "Get Over It"

And with that story in mind, be sure to keep your mind on the prize you so seek.  Don't let negativity stop you from success, but instead, let some of your past experiences fuel you up with knowledge on what you learned, and push you forward to achieve even greater things!
Don't tell yourself, "IF ONLY I hadn't spent that $97 on a training course to make money online", instead, take that lesson or that experience, and tell yourself "Get Over It", and "I WILL TURN that $97 into $297!!".  Push FORWARD, not lag BACKWARD.
It's funny because as I continue to think about it, some of the people who achieved the greatest accomplishments did it on the shoulders of an injury or disability they faced, or a traumatic past that they had to endure which in turn, pushed them forward to achieve greatness!  And yet so many able bodied people don't even try to achieve half of what they are capable of doing.
Most people sit back, and look at success as much further away from them than they should.
So if you are in a mindset at this moment, trying to make money online, and saying to yourself, "I can't do this", or "if only I had decided on getting into this earlier in life", STOP that mindset right now.
Don't think that you CAN'T, push forward and know that you CAN.
For those of you that may not have read my very first post that started this blog altogether, I did a post back in early February, and I mentioned that I had officially taken action... and that action was starting up this internet marketing blog.  Now, a little over two months later, and I am very proud of where it is going so far. 
Is it where I want it to be right now?  NO.
Will it get to where I want it to be?  ABSOLUTELY!
It is all about the mind and thinking positively, pushing through the struggle of self doubt that we often do to ourselves to prevent our success, and pushing forward.  It is much easier to cut our own success short because it requires minimal effort to do versus making achievements and success happen.  However, no one said success would be easy.  However, if you WANT IT, and if you are eager to make it happen, you CAN make it happen!
I've said it before in terms of where you can start if you're looking to make success happen with an online business.  It's all in your desire and willingness to learn, to research, to invest in internet marketing training and believing in yourself to start off.  I'm no guru by any means.  But I have and continue to make money online.
Why?  Because I invest in myself and continue to do so with internet marketing training and tools and tips and so on.
Did I want to spend money at that time?  NO.  BUT, I did it anyway... and I don't regret it since having done so.
And that's where you need to think now as well... more positively.  You CAN succeed online if you want to.  It may take a bit of time to get your thoughts together, or to set a game plan in front of you, to invest in some knowledge or tools, but if you WANT IT, you can make it happen!
So with the final cut off of this blog post, I will simply end with the words that stood out from Joel Osteen's message:  "Get Over It" and change your life TODAY.
To YOUR Success,
German Lopez

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