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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Apologies For The Hiatus In Posting

Hello again everyone.  My apologies for the hiatus in posting to the blog the last several days.  It's been very busy on and off here both with my businesses and with family.  We often plan in mind what we want to accomplish, but as many of you know, it never quite pans out that way once you are ready to get into it.  And that was the case on my end the past several days, which of course in some sense was good in that my online businesses and ventures were busier than normal.  After all, I'd greatly welcome business and sales coming in over free time any day, wouldn't you?
And with that, I just wanted to post an apology for not posting lately.  Trust me, I have not, and am not planning on abandoning this blog at all.  It is a great way to voice my thoughts, to share with you what I've experienced and what has been working well for me, what I don't care much for, and so on.  So please do feel free to check back at least a couple times a week to see what I've posted lately about... I do plan on keeping this blog running.
I'll also be posting in the next couple of days as to how my experiences have panned out so far going into my two month anniversary of using Submission Works.  Stay tuned for that blog post, as you'll want to see what I've experienced so far and what Submission Works has done for me so far.  I'll also share with you as to whether I'm even considering a third month or not.
On that note, I won't make this a very long blog post as I plan on getting some thoughts together for some other blog posts this week to do as well.  But I did want to let you all know that I am indeed still planning on blogging regularly with this blog, even if at least twice a week.  If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to post a comment or to email me and I'll do the best that I can to help.  Thank you as always for visiting my blog.  Hope you've been enjoying so far.
To YOUR Success,
German Lopez

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