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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Submission Works Review After 2 Months So Far

My Submission Works Review After 2 Months So Far

I had to fill you in with my latest Submission Works review now after two months of using it so far.  I'll share my results and why I'm also heading into a 3rd month as well.  Whether you've heard of Submission Works before and are using it now or considering it, or if you've never heard of it at all and want to find out more on it, you'll need to read further into my Submission Works review for more info that may help you as well.  Let's proceed.

Is This Program For You?  Let My Submission Works Review Fill You In

So first off, I'm not going to sit here pitching Submission Works as the next best craze to hit internet marketing.  That's not how I want to continue with this blog post.  Most will do that simply to try to do what they can with making money regardless of what happens to others, but I'm not pushing forward with this blog in that way.  I am simply going to go through some of my experiences with it, and you can decide for yourself as to whether it will be something that works for you.
I can say that I recommend it in a manner of trying it out for at least a month to see what it can do for you.  HOWEVER, I do not make promises of what it WILL do, but simply state and show you what it has done for me so far.  As with anything, results will vary depending on what you are promoting, how long you promote it for, and so on.
As you will see from that blog post, I started on the February 26th date.  Today is actually the official 3rd month start as I got billed today again for my $59.95 for this month.  So this will start my 3rd month in to see what else I can promote with it and what other results it nets me as well.  I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do for me at the 3rd month.

What Submission Works HAS Done For Me So Far After 2 Months of Use

As I had mentioned on my previous blog post, there isn't much that you need to know in terms of using Submission Works.  It pretty much is very self explanatory.  You pay the $59.95 per month for a subscription.  After that point, you'll be prompted to check out a video of how it works, which I can pretty much sum up for you here.  You then click on "Add URLs" and you will add the URL of 7 different things you want to promote.  Pretty cut and dry isn't it?
What I can tell you right now from this Submission Works review, is that there are several shortener programs that people are using such as or to try to track their hits and so forth.  These may not work for you, along with Tinyurl, as many have been using these URL's, and per the program, if there is a URL that is overly saturated in use within the back end, they will tell you.
I would recommend trying to find another shortener if you are really considering using a shortener.  With the use of Clickbank links, you can simply plug in the full URL, so long as you create a Tracking ID within Clickbank when promoting a product.  This way, you can know which of your Submission Works links get traffic and conversions.  You'll see what I mean with the image further below.
So with that said, so far, Submission Works has been good to me overall.  I've tried using various different links during the 2 months I've used it so far mainly for affiliate marketing, and I'll continue to do the same in the 3rd month as well.  I've tried links to my own products, though they are not exactly related to the IM Niche, and I've tried different affiliate programs as well, some from Clickbank, some from JVZoo, and some as well from Commission Junction. 
As I had mentioned on my previous blog post of my 3 weeks Submission Works experience as well, I had tested out using a business opportunity that I am part of, Copy Paste Cash, as well.
Of the programs and things I had tried within the 2 months so far, I had earned two sales from the Copy Paste Cash program (I haven't promoted it much lately via Submission Works but may try again with it in this 3rd month) each at $25.00, so that was $50.00 from this biz opp using Submission Works.
I had tried some Commission Junction links and though they got hits, I didn't gain any sales from it so far.  That's not to say I won't test another link or two from them and try again.  I'll keep you posted as to how that fairs as well.  The same held true so far for JVZoo though I didn't give them as long a try as of yet.
I also tried a variety of Clickbank products and managed to earn a variety of sales from it over the two months so far that I've used Submission Works.  You can see the image below for an idea.
Submission Works Review of 2 Months - Clickbank Earnings
 As you can see from the above image, I highlighted all of the products that I promoted in yellow that I earned a commission with from the two month span.  With Submission Works so far, I've earned a total of $483.04.  So you figure, in itself so far, after deducting $119.90 (the two months I've paid for it so far) from the $483.04, I've earned enough from Clickbank to subscribe for another 6 months to try it out to break even if I didn't earn anything else from this point forward which would still put me at $3.44 profit.  However, I do anticipate that with this 3rd month, I'll probably make at least another sale or two to continue adding to what I've earned so far.
And again, that's not counting the $50.00 from my biz opp as well.
I also have reason to believe, though there is no definite way I was able to track it, that Submission Works may have also been responsible for at least one or two sales for my hip hop beats website as I've kept that link in rotation on and off to get it more traffic and so on.  So if that's the case as well, that's more money that Submission Works has earned me thus far within the two months.
As far as what I've done to get these commissions so far?  Nothing special other than choosing different products to promote.  I typically pick different products that I think may have a chance of a conversion or two, and then plug the link into Submission Works for a few days.  If no conversions come about, or even if one comes about, I leave the links there until a few days and then change them out to something else and I repeat the process.

What About Programs Like Empower Network or Pure Leverage?

I've not joined into programs such as Empower Network or Pure Leverage because they don't interest me as much, but even more so, because I see SOOO many people on these programs that I'm sure they're beyond saturated.  So I can't say I know how traffic and conversions fair with Empower or Pure Leverage.  From what I've tried though so far, I've been pleased with what Submission Works has brought me, and it's been fun to try different links to see if I'll gain a sale from it or not.  But overall so far FOR ME, as I stated earlier on this Submission Works review, I am pleased with what I've earned. 
Would I recommend Submission Works?  I would honestly say that I would, but, that you have to go into it with an open mind and with knowledge that you may or may not make a sale depending on what you promote, or just based on timing and luck.  As I stated, there is no way to determine what you do will definitely earn you money since all you really do is add in 7 links to promote.  However, as with any program or training, it's all about deciding whether you are eager to take a chance, and then being unbiased in doing so. 
If you are willing to invest even if at least one month to test it out, you can say you gave it a chance, and you may even get some sales from it as well.  It's the same principle that you'd follow in investing in a training program or software to help with your internet marketing pursuits.  Think positive and know that you've given it a chance.  However, if you go in with a negative mindset, then you may not even want to invest in it, or anything for that matter.  I've invested in some things in the past that I've tried that didn't fair well, and some things that worked out better than I anticipated.  So it's all on your mindset and willingness to give it a try.
The next thing I want to do with Submission Works is to try to write up and create an eBook to sell at a low price, to see how it may fair in getting some sales my way.  It may help, or it may not.  I've noticed some people say that Submission Works doesn't work for them simply because they are promoting free items and that they're not seeing the downloads they anticipate.  Truth of the matter is, not everything that's FREE is an AUTOMATIC guarantee that EVERYONE will download it.  I've seen many a free eBook and course that didn't interest me, so I didn't bother with it.  And the same may hold true with people viewing our promotions from Submission Works as well.

Hope This Submission Works Review Has Helped You With Your Decision

In the end, it's all about what you desire to do.  If you're curious, I'd definitely say give it at least a one month try if you know that you have the $59.95 to spare without it impacting you financially or even more so, without it making you feel regret.  Go in positively, and try it out.  If you feel it may not be worth what you hope from it, then don't invest in it.  I'll tell you now that I never invested in Submission Works with the anticipation that it'd make me $500 the first day or week.  However, I am very happy to see that for $119.90 spent so far, I've made over $500.00 from it as a result, and to me, anything that you spend money on and make more money back, is a great feeling.
All in all, if you're curious about Submission Works and whether it will work for you, give it a try and see.  Look at it this way:  you have SEVEN chances to earn a sale or commission with the links you promote, and if you promote 7 different links each week, that's 28 products that you have a chance to make a sale or two or three from.  Either way you go, I only urge that you think about it honestly to yourself, and if you are considering trying it for a month to start, do so with an open mind and with no frustration or regret. 
I never stated in this Submission Works review that it WILL DEFINITELY make you sales, but so far, the chance I've taken on it has been a nice gain for me thus far and hopefully, you'll experience the same.
To YOUR Success,
German Lopez

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