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Monday, June 24, 2013

No Worries, My Blog Is Not Abandoned...

Hello again to all of you who read my posts and have wondered where I disappeared off to for a month or so.  I am indeed back, and have had some turn of events that have more or less kept me busier than I anticipated, or rather, as busy as I guessed I should say.  But indeed, I have not abandoned my blog at all as I told you before.  I may on occasion hit a hiatus, but will continue to push forward with my work on this blog.  So what has kept me busy these past few weeks?
Let's just say that the beauty of life is a wonderful thing, and my wife and I got acquainted once again with our 2nd child.  Our lives changed once again for the better in mid May as we welcomed the birth of our 2nd child, our darling little girl.  We were more than blessed the first time around in welcoming our handsome son, now three years of age, and now he gets to be a big brother.  Indeed, life is amazing, and children can really make you even more grateful for a lot of things in life.
Though you tend to lose sleep and may also have working from home impacted a bit in the arrival of a new child, you do have to take a step back away from the hustle and bustle of work, and stare in awe at the beauty of birth, and the beauty of children.  They come into this world pure, sweet, innocent, and seeing them grow is such a wonderful thing.  It seems like only a blur that we see our son now and realize how much of a young man he already is and yet he's only three years of age now.  He impresses us more and more each and every day, and the more people compliment how intelligent he is, how vast of a vocabulary he has for his age, the more we are so very grateful to God for it all.  And we pray of course, the same amazement for our new little baby girl as well!
Indeed, though we all get consumed in the daily routines of work, paying bills, dealing with errands, and other tasks of the day, we don't often take a moment to reflect, to look at our family, to look at the blessings of our children (for those of you that have them), and just feel a shortening of breath out of joy, for once children are here, they are the main reason for your existence, for your strive and your hustle, for all that you sacrifice and push to achieve!  They make the world go round, at least for me, and though I have moments where I would love to get a blog post in such as this one, they truly do change your life for the better.
For this blog post, I want you to take a moment after reading it, and just say to yourself, "I am so thankful for my children".  If you don't have children, you can still be thankful for your spouse, or your significant other, or your parents, grandparents, and so on.  Just take a moment away from the stress, the debt, the pressure, and give God a wonderful shout and say, "I AM THANKFUL!".  Let your words flutter through the Universe, and you'll feel better in your day regardless of how stressed it may have been.
At this moment, I once again thank God for my wonderful children, for my spectacular wife, and for the blessings of my wonderful parents, siblings, grandparents, and all of my great relatives and friends.  I also thank YOU the readers out there for reading my blog posts and for keeping updated!  If you know others that need a lift up, have them check out this post, or have them check out any of my blog entries for that matter.  I write with desire and belief that my blog posts will help someone, whether it's through uplifting, or through advice, or even helping someone earn their first few bucks online!  I pray to God that my blog helps others.  And I thank YOU again for reading on!  Share this on, and please, do stay tuned for my next post!  Be Blessed, and keep on striving for success!
To YOUR Success,
German Lopez

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