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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Does The Law of Attraction Really Work or Is It Hype?

Does The Law of Attraction Really Work or Is It Hype? 

Does the Law of Attraction really work, or is it a lot of hype?  I thought to pose a question to you all, with hopes that you'll share your thoughts and especially your experiences as well.  I'm sure many of you who read this have more or less heard of the "Law of Attraction" in some way or form.  So if you are familiar with it, have read up on it, and have experienced it, please tell me, what are your thoughts on it and how has it impacted you?  Let me share with you my thoughts.
I've been doing some more and more reading on the Law of Attraction the past several weeks, especially while being a bit more busy burping my new baby girl.  Thank goodness for smartphones huh?  As I was saying, I've been reading more and more on the Law of Attraction because I had seen several mentions of it online, on the Warrior Forum, and other places on Facebook too.  I was really curious as to what it was, and how it works.
I managed to get my hands on The Secret as well recently, and I've been reading more and more of it.  Oddly enough, I'm very intrigued by it and what it has to say, and more so, I've experienced without knowing, the Law of Attraction on several points in my life.  Needless to say, that in itself was a bit eerie for me having read what I did and having placed myself at those moments in my life as well.  Let me share with you a bit more.

What Is The Law of Attraction?

First of all, the Law of Attraction in a nutshell, is a belief that "like attracts like" and pretty much states that whatever you "ask or think towards the Universe, you shall receive because you attract it".  This can go both ways, either good or bad.  The belief is that if you think positive thoughts more often and "ask the Universe" exactly what you want, that you will attract it to you and shall receive it.  However, the same applies to negative thoughts, and if you think enough negative thoughts, essentially, your mind is also "asking the Universe to bring it to you".  I started to think more and more on this and it tripped me out when I thought of it.
I started to think about some of my own experiences, in my earlier teens, and more recently as well, as recent as earlier this week in fact.  I used to think a bit more negatively as an earlier teen, especially when it pertained to being popular, girls, and things of that nature.  I used to think more negatively in telling myself that no girl would really be interested in me because I wasn't as popular as all the other guys, that I wasn't a party person and so no one would go for me".  And so I actually attracted a lot of that negative energy and brought about my own demise in that sense of speaking.  Because I spoke so much negativity, I attracted it to me.
As I grew older, I started to phase out of that negative mind.  In fact, in 1995, I had a near death experience (I'll go into that on another blog post so stay tuned) that changed my way of thinking more so towards a positive nature.  I also found a much closer bond to God at that point as well.  Again, more to come on that experience in a near future blog post.
It was that accident in itself that brought my mind to positive thinking more so than ever before.  After all, I had a second chance to live, and so I wanted to change some of my thinking.  My first means was being much more thankful for everything around me, which in itself is one of the biggest principles of the Law of Attraction.  Being thankful will bring positive energies and in turn, bring more positive things your way.  And so I pushed to be more thankful, though knowing NOTHING about the Law of Attraction then.

My Experiences With The Law of Attraction

I had a situation occur to me somewhere in 1997 or 1998 I believe with what I feel was the Law of Attraction, at the part time job I was working at Champs Sports.  Our store was located inside of a mall, and so whenever I worked morning shifts, I'd sit on the water fountain outside of our store until the manager got there to let me in. 
There was one particular morning however, that I found myself wanting more hours.  Granted, I already got over 30 hours for a part time job, but I wanted something more stable and with at least 40 hours and vacation time.  And so I thought it unto the Universe without my knowing.  A moment later, this homeless man comes to me and asks me if I have a buck or two to lend him so that he could get some food from the food court.  Reaching into my pocket, all I had was a $20.00 bill that I noticed.  I didn't let him see it, but despite the reserve on what he would do with the money, it was not my business.  So I just gave him the $20.00 bill.  He opened his eyes widely and pushed it back and said that he couldn't accept that, that he only needed a buck or two for food.
I insisted that he take the $20.00 bill though as it was all that I had on me, and that I wanted him to eat.  I could've walked with him to the food court to get him something, but something in me just insisted to give him the $20.00.  After all, I was grateful to have the job that I had, and food on my table each day, so I spared the $20.00 generously.  He was overwhelmed and couldn't stop telling me thank you and bless you.  I told him thank you, and to be Blessed as well.  And so he left with the $20.00 to get some food.  So the manager finally got in that morning and let me in.  I went into the store and prepped for opening.  The day went by normally as well.
That same week however, something weird happened.  And it reminded me of the $20.00 that I had given to the man.  I was approached by my manager, AND by his District Manager who had come down that week for routine business.  She and my manager pulled me into the office and discussed with me the opportunity on a full time position with the store as an Operations Manager!! 
I was moved and thought about the $20.00 I gave the homeless man, and how I had also wanted more hours to come my way that morning as well.  And now here it was, the hours I had wanted, the hours I thought into existence, brought to me now in the form of a $2.00 an hour more raise and a promotion to a 40 hour a week job.  I was grateful, and when I look back now, I realize that I experienced the Law of Attraction with that experience.
I also experienced the Law of Attraction all throughout this week so far in fact.  For instance, take Monday.  I had to get my son to his tumbling class.  I told myself that I was going to make it early this time.  Rather than to say "I don't want to be late", I made sure to say "I'm going to make it there early".  I kept telling myself throughout the day, and when it came time to take him, it seemed that traffic was lighter than it typically is whenever I take him.  What's more, when I got there, parking was the pits.  So I kept driving up and down through different rows, trying to find a close spot to which it seemed not to be the case at all.  I kept telling myself, "I'm going to find a clear parking space up close, because that's what I feel and see".  And as I did my next loop around, wouldn't you know that a woman was walking towards the area I hoped to park in.  I stopped, let her cross the street, and sure enough, she opened a close space for me with her departure!  AND I was STILL early when we got inside!
I also kept thinking throughout the week, visualizing that I would see "beatshop" and "Notification of Payment Received" emails in my email this week which for me, would reflect sales that I had coming in.  I kept visualizing it, and when I laid down to sleep, I'd see again, the same emails "beatshop" and "Notification of Payment Received".  And to my surprise, I had two or three days this week, to which I saw the very emails, "beatshop" and "Payment Received" in my inbox.  I was in awe at the effect my positive thinking had on this week so far, and I continue to think more and more positively, also visualizing more and more for the week.  Whether it was coincidence, I feel more that it was the Law of Attraction and that my positive thinking on things helped to bring more my way.

So Can The Law of Attraction Work For My Business?

If you run an online business, do internet marketing, or run any business in general, then the Law of Attraction may help you out as well, but you have to think positively of course.  You can't go in expecting that the very first day that you start thinking positive and implementing the Law of Attraction into your life, that the next moment will result in a $10,000 sale.  It doesn't quite work like that at all, and is a big reason that people bash against its views. 
However, positive thinking and visualizing will help indeed.  It will also help your confidence level to increase, and that in turn can have great impacts on your business.  The more positive you are, the better your networking will be as well with your customers and others that you may partner up with.
The Law of Attraction has been a valued belief to those that are doing internet marketing for years now, and you tend to see them mentioned together frequently as well.  There is an ebook actually, called "The Law of Attraction Marketing For The Internet" that has been a big seller that has helped many in their focus on the Law, and on how to apply it to their business needs, their business views, and their overall view to their marketing efforts.  It provides you with ways to change your thinking towards a positive mindset and things you can do to help your business with that same thinking.
Another resource that can work well to your advantage comes from a well known entrepreneur and practitioner of the Law of Attraction, Dr. Joe Vitale.  He starred in the movie "The Secret" and has been well known with his methods and teachings of the Law and how to best use it for your life.  He offers a course of eBooks online as a Law of Attraction certification that will help you really focus your thinking and learning into how to best practice the Law of Attraction and how to hone in on positive thinking in such a way that you will surprise yourself.  He has been helping people for years in self-help and motivation, and his course may really help you on your path to positive thinking, especially if you are already familiar with the Law.

Don't Wait To Learn the Law of Attraction When You Can Start Today

If you are really welcoming positive thinking into your life and are open minded as to the Law of Attraction and what it can do for you, then I suggest that you start today.  There's no better moment than NOW as to start thinking positively and to change your life around altogether, not just in business, but in general.
People have used the Law in different ways in their personal lives to help them with all kinds of situations.  For instance, there are those that focus on thinking and feeling and visualizing that they are completely healthy even if they feel sick, and it has helped them to feel better, to heal quicker, and to be back to normal.  And then there are others who have used the Law of Attraction for their love lives and with hopes of meeting that special someone that they are in tune with, simply by visualizing what they want, what they see in a solid relationship, what they see in a marriage, and so on.  And others use it to help with their family lives and in building closer bonds with those that they have lost touch with.
The Law of Attraction is indeed a powerful tool and one that can really enhance your life with stronger positive thinking.  By no means do I see this as a "replacement" for God or prayer.  In actuality, if anything, I see it for me as an enhancer to prayer and my belief and faith in God.  So if you are looking to enhance your life in a positive way, then I'd definitely recommend that you look into the Law of Attraction and some of the links above that may help you as well.
To Your POSITIVE Success,
German Lopez

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