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Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Revive A Dead Blog And Your Life As Well

How To Revive A Dead Blog And Your Life As Well

So are you wondering how to revive a dead blog or your life?  Okay, so maybe the reviving of your life is a bit exaggerated, but you must admit, the title probably did peak your interest, didn't it?  And where you are trying to resurrect your dead blog, you may actually in essence be reviving your life as well... your online presence that is.  So if your blog has been in a cemetery for awhile, fear not, because there is a way to revive it as well.  And this is how you can do it!
As you can see, I haven't posted onto this blog in some time.  And this was not by choice, but more so, circumstance.  After all, life hits us from all angles, good and bad.  And sometimes, we just don't have the time that we anticipated or wanted, to put our digital pens onto blog paper.  And I could've honestly let this blog fall apart, but I don't want to do that.  And so I decided not only to push to revive a dead blog, but to also provide you with the guidelines and thoughts to do the same for your blog if it hasn't been updated in some time!  After all, I've started the very first and most important step, as you'll see in the steps below.

The Steps You Need To Revive A Dead Blog Back To Life

Here are the brief steps that you can start to follow or put into your weekly planner of tasks to complete that will help you resurrect your blog, and your online presence, back to life.
  1. START WRITING - Yup, it's that simple!  Just open up your dead blog, and start writing again!  Let the first thing that comes to your mind related to your niche guide you back to resurrecting it!  I wondered how to resurrect my blog and the thought just came to me!  Start writing again!  It's that simple!  Take the action after you read this blog post and start with a new blog entry!
  2. COMMIT TO WRITING - This one is very important.  In order to revive a dead blog, you need to constantly write in it.  I don't mean 3 times a day every day.  That would be overkill and your blog would have more pages than anyone would be willing to catch up on that fast.  BUT, you should commit, to at bare minimum, once a week.  I'd shoot for at least twice or even three times a week.  If you're really in a groove, post every day if you want to, but only if you're enjoying posting again!
  3. SCHEDULE BLOG POSTS - If your blog allows you to post date blog publishing dates, that in itself can be a great tool to use!  Think about it.  Let's say today is the most AWESOME day ever!  You have free time.  You're off from work.  The children are at school.  And you have lots to write about!  That's where postdating blog posts comes in handy!  You could write three or four or even ten blog posts today, and schedule them to post out every other day.  This in itself can buy you time for more topics, but at the same time, continue to list your blog as currently posting, thus reviving your blog even further!
  4. LET LIFE INSPIRE YOU AND OUTLINE - Let's face it.  Sometimes you just don't know what the heck to write about.  And you don't want to go to the bathroom and let your toilet be the topic of discussion (unless you bought a new one that you love so much you just HAVE to share!).  But when you let life inspire you, you can simply jot down on a notepad app on your phone, or when you get home.  The more you can outline ahead of time to write about, the more you'll have to write about as days progress, and you won't have to worry about writer's block.
  5. PINGING YOUR BLOG - So this one probably shocks some of you with "Pinging??  Huh?".  Pinging a blog is simply a task of going to a "ping website" when you update your blog, and entering the URL and Blog post.  This will then send a notification to all of the servers out there that your blog has been updated which will in turn help revive your blog as well with more traffic.  For more information on Pinging if you want to read more, you can read the Wikipedia page on Pinging here.
  6. JOIN AND POST YOUR BLOG LINKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA - An even better way to revive your blog after you've started writing again, is to get your blog pages across social media!  By this, I mean either use your Twitter account if you have one, or Facebook account, to start posting the links to your newest entries as you write them.  With Facebook, you can also join Groups in your niche, and then start posting the blog links up in the groups for others to read them.  This can also help with others who may share your content to their friends which in turn will spread your blog posts even further.  You'd be surprised what Social Media can do in terms of helping to revive a blog, and of course this in turn will revive your online presence even further!
  7. RINSE AND REPEAT - Once you've gotten a rhythm of writing again, simply rinse and repeat steps 2 thru 6 above.  It's a matter of committing to writing and to keep posting often.
Now that you know how you can revive your dead blog and your online presence, what are you waiting for?  I managed to write this blog entry in a short time, and already it's got my juices flowing to do more blogging as well. 
I would've blogged more often recently too , only life hit me with the birth of my wife and I's 2nd child, and our beautiful baby girl needed lots of attention upon coming home just because babies crave and need it, and so I had to put myself on hiatus for a moment.  But as long as God Allows me to find a moment or two of time every week to blog, I'll be blogging again on this blog more often, so stay tuned as well!  I'll also be playing my part in pushing to revive my blog as well with all that I've instructed you to do here!  On that note, happy Blogging!  Hope you now know how to revive a dead blog just in case you need to again someday.
To YOUR Success,
German Lopez

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