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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Are You Krushing It on Facebook With Facebook Krusher?

Are You Krushing It on Facebook? My Facebook Krusher Review

Okay, so when a friend of mine was tagged on a post related to Facebook Krusher by Alfredo Delgado, I had to see what all the hype was about.  After all, with so many new programs being created out there daily, and with so many emails coming into my inbox from all the affiliate marketers out there, I had to see what the noise was about.  Supposedly, this was going to be THE course for Facebook marketing that everyone had to have.  With that said, I had to put in my investment to see what it was all about.

Facebook Krusher - Great Product or Another Scam?

So when I first gathered up my payment to get this product, I wondered what was Facebook Krusher going to offer me that I've not heard of before.  After all, pretty much everything out there touts itself as the best course for this and that.  So I went in with this product not expecting much at all in all honesty.  And what did I come to find in this program?
Another scam?  Hardly. 
Great product?  That I had to see for myself.  It was a video course for Facebook marketing, outlined by a group of videos created by Alfredo Delgado himself. The program seemed to split itself into the main section that you gain entry for upon payment, and another set of videos in a section titled "Elite" to which you had to pay a separate fee to access.
The product itself is $47.00, average fare for most of these internet marketing products as it is.  And while it was a slight bit steep for my own taste, I still decided to take the plunge to see if it was going to deliver on its word.

And What Word Does Facebook Krusher Advise Of?

As far as the sales page, it advises you that you can learn how to really build on Facebook Marketing by building targeted leads, or in other words, "adding friends" which would in turn build potential sales for your business.
Though the program itself seems mainly geared towards internet marketers looking to build leads and make money online, I always do the best I can with any of these internet marketing tutorials that I invest in, to flip it towards my hip hop beats business instead.
And that's what I did with this video tutorial as well.
I watched the first few videos and then tested it out, though I only had a few minutes to test it.  What were the results?  Take a look below:
The picture above was how things worked out for me upon trying its strategies.  I was only able to put in a few minutes or so of work, and shortly after, I started to see the friends increase, messages increase, and notifications go up as well.
I was shocked.  I typically wasn't one who did much with Facebook marketing, so to see the image above on my Facebook was pretty intense.  And even more so considering it was for my hip hop beats business rather than an MLM group or marketing program of some sort.  And that in itself impressed me.
There are actually others on the team of people who bought and use Facebook Krusher's tutorials who are really making it work more than intensely, putting in a half hour or so of work and generating 20, 30, even 50 new leads a day with its tactics!  That's INSANE!
And I can believe it works for them because I was able to do the above with just a few minutes of implementing one of its strategies, so if I put in some more serious work with it, I'm sure it will pan out even better!

Even More Results With Facebook Krusher's Tactics

So as if building a few new leads in a day wasn't enough for me, I kept going with it on and off whenever I could find some free time (I'm more than busy between running a few websites, and doing correspondence emails, messages, and so forth, and taking care of my two children at home as well) to see what else this bad boy of a training course could help with.
And before I knew it, I had managed to build my Friends List from 472 I believe it was that it started as, to 545 as you can see below for my Hip Hop producer profile at Genycis on Facebook.  You can see the image below:
I thought this was pretty insane considering before I got into the Facebook Krusher program, it took me several months or more to build 100 new friends on Facebook as it was.  So to build nearly 75 new friends in under a month's time for me was a big deal.
I could only imagine those who use the tactics on Krusher for bigger niches such as weight loss or working from home or credit repair.  Can you imagine what it could do to amp up your business?
And even more so, just from the strategies from Krusher alone, I managed to get some sales generated from it as a result as well, an even bigger plus!  The screenshot below is what I was able to gain from using the strategies you learn:
I was able to boost some new leads to my hip hop beats website (the you see on the image above) as a result, and that turned into three different sales for my music from three different people!  I was overjoyed!  So in essence, Krusher wound up costing me not $47 but only $17 after those sales came from the tactics I used!  And I have some more potential sales to build on as well as I've had a few people already tell me they're looking through what I have to buy from me.
All from simply using the tactics that I learned from Facebook Krusher and putting it into action for my website.  I couldn't ask for better than that.  I've bought some marketing programs and tutorials in the past so far, but most either turn out not to work like they claim, or turn out to be more than difficult to put together from what you learn versus what the sales page says.
But Facebook Krusher is different.  It really delivers on what it says, so I'd have to at this point state in my honest opinion, it is not a scam product at all.  It is a valid training course on how to get Facebook to work for you!

So What Do You Get With Facebook Krusher Anyhow?

As far as what's included in the program, as I mentioned earlier, there's a set of a few videos in the basic course, which is what you pay the $47.00 for.  The things you'll learn from the training course are:
  • How to Add Friends!  You can learn how to add roughly between 24 - 45 friends or more with the simple strategies it teaches.
  • How to AVOID FB Jail!  If you've promoted over and over again on Facebook, you know that they Jail you for posting or adding too many friends!
  • How to Post In FB Groups the Right Way!  There's a wrong way to post in groups (which 95% of marketers probably do) and a right way to do it, and the course teaches you the right way!
  • Branding yourself and how to do it the right way, and more!
You gain Lifetime Access, so if a new video for the basic part of the program is added, you'll get access to it too!  I've not honestly yet purchased Elite, but I'll be sure to keep you posted in the event that I invest in it.  But if the basic is helping me along the way with my Facebook marketing efforts, I can imagine what Elite would do!

"Would You Recommend Facebook Krusher to Anyone You Know?"

I'd have to say that after the tutorials and the videos, the fact that it is helping me build new friends, new leads, and more sales, and the fact that it's lifetime access, I'd easily recommend or refer it to anyone, especially if you're looking to really take your Facebook marketing to another level.
Everyone in marketing likes to believe they know everything under the sun, but the truth is, even the most experienced marketers find gems here and there from places they never thought existed.  And it's those gems that really make your investment worth while, especially when you see it working to its expectations or beyond!
So with that said, I'd say if you're new to Facebook marketing or new to marketing in general, I'd strongly recommend Facebook Krusher to you as a learning platform to have under your belt.
If you're a well seasoned veteran, I'd still refer you to the program because things still change as the years progress, and therefore the seasoned veteran needs to jump on the learning knowledge.
So if you're serious about amping up your Facebook marketing strategies and Krushing It on Facebook, feel free to click the link on this blog post below.  And if you're having great success with Facebook Krusher, inbox me as well to  I look forward to hearing from you!
On that note, happy marketing and best of success to you!
Best regards,
German Lopez

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