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Friday, January 31, 2014

Pay It Forward By Helping Others In Need

Pay It Forward By Helping Others In Need

I'm sure you've heard of the term 'Pay It Forward' before.  If you haven't, it simply refers to helping others in need out of the kindness of your heart for the help you've received from someone else.  So quite simply, if someone lent you a helping hand today, and you happen to see a stranger in need of help and you can help them, go for it!  And paying it forward can be an uplifting experience in itself.  Let me explain.

Pay It Forward Because You Care and Because You Can

I'm going to refer to an experience in the recent past that I had regarding a job I used to work at when I was a teenager.  It was in a shopping mall, and the food court was a bit near where I worked.  I was outside my job waiting one morning for the manager to arrive so that I could be let in for the early shift.  This homeless guy came towards me and asked me if I had a dollar that I could spare.  He had said that he was hungry and that he just wanted to get a bite to eat from the food court.
Now I know most of us shun homeless people away altogether because they are viewed as 'the town drunk', and so forth.  But not all homeless people are like that.  Anyhow, that aside, I looked into my pocket for a dollar bill and some change, but all I came across that morning was some pieces of lint in my pocket, and a twenty dollar bill.  At first, I balked at the idea of giving him the twenty, but something at that moment instinctively kicked in and I reached for it and handed it to him.
"Oh my goodness, NOO, I can't take that young man, that's way too much."  the homeless man told me.  I insisted and told him to take it and to get something to eat from the food court.  He was still hesitant but finally decided to take the twenty.  The fact that he was hesitant made me all the more insistent that he take it.  Anyone in a typical mindset would take the twenty and run.  But he was hesitant which told me about his character.  So he took it.
I know at that point I could've either shunned him away like most would have, or I could've taken him to the food court and buy him something to eat and keep the change, or I could've advised him to bring back the change, especially since he was already hesitant to do so.  But I didn't.  I just let him have the twenty.  He actually insisted to bring back the change oddly enough, but I told him to keep it, to get something to eat, and that may God Bless him as well.  "Thank you so much for your help, may God Bless you too!" he told me as well.
That in itself was a warm experience to have dealt with.  The fact that I was able to help him in his time of need and put myself aside was a 'feel good' moment.  He had a glow of delight in his face that he'd be able to get himself something to eat probably for another couple of meals throughout the day.  And I had already felt blessed with having a wonderful mom and dad that helped me in my times of need, so I left it alone.
It was what happened next though that was an interesting twist on things!

Blessings Come To You When You Pay It Forward From Your Heart

So the interesting twist on things was that sometime after that humbling experience, my store manager comes to me and tells me that the district manager is coming to our store to visit, and that she wanted to talk to me.  I was puzzled as to what she wanted to talk to me about, but I told him I awaited her visit.
Eventually, she arrived to the store, and sure enough, before my shift was over, she pulled me into the stockroom to talk to me.  She had advised me that I was doing a great job, and that she wanted to give me a promotion and raise for the good job that I had been doing at the store.  My store manager knew what she wanted to discuss, and he thanked me as well.  I was stunned!  Furthermore, the position that they wanted to promote me with wasn't even an existing position, but they wanted to create it for me so that I could be in charge of inventory, so they created the "Operations Specialist" position for me and gave me a $2.00 an hour raise! 
I was speechless and not sure of what to say.  And then I remembered the homeless guy I had helped, giving him the only twenty dollar bill I had in my pocket.  And it had seemed that God, or karma, or whatever force you want to claim did it (I claim God Blessed me that day), had blessed me for blessing someone.  And that indeed was a deep and inspirational moment, one that I'll never forget, and one that I always remember when hearing or seeing the phrase "pay it forward".

Help Others Because You Want To Help, Not Because You Expect Help

The key to "paying it forward" is that you do so because you want to, because it comes from the heart to do so.  Too many people do things with the hopes and anticipations of getting help because of it, not because they want to selflessly help.  And to me, that's not paying it forward from the heart.  I think it's a blessing in itself to help others that you can help with different situations.  Does that mean give them your only twenty dollar bill or hundred dollar bill?  If you feel it to be the case, then that's a decision that you make because you want to.
Paying it forward can be simple tasks.  You may hear a woman in front of you at Walmart who is short a dime for her groceries, and you reach in and give her the dime.  It can be as simple as seeing someone on Facebook who needs help with a question and you chime right in with the answer because you know it.  It can be as simple as simple as sharing some uplifting words to someone going through a sad moment in their lives.
However you decide to pay it forward, just do so.  Whatever comes to mind or heart at that instinct, go with it.  You'll find that the more you pay it forward out of the kindness of your heart, the more uplifted you'll feel.  And karma has a funny way of coming back when you least expect it, and blessing you for paying it forward.  I've had this happen countless times as well with my hip hop beats business when I help others who have questions, or are in need of some instrumentals.  And they've thanked me time and time again, and have even sent others they know to shop with me.  It's all about your person, your character, and doing what feels good in your heart because you want to, not because you expect it to come back to you.

Pay It Forward Right Now If You Can

I hope that this blog post has helped your mindset a bit more with the whole concept of paying it forward.  And if you know others that this blog post can help, I hope that you'll share it with them as well.  You never know, just sharing this blog post in itself may help someone's mindset right now and give them a new twist on how to look at life and how to look at helping others.
Paying it forward is a great feeling, as I've expressed above.  But be sure to do it because you want to, and because you feel blessed to have been helped by others in the past. The more people you help, the more positive minded you'll feel, and the more blessed you'll feel.  You never know when you may have an intense moment that you remember for years and years later, much like my experience with the homeless person at the mall.
May you be Blessed in your endeavors, in your job, in your home, in your personal and business life.  I thank you for reading this blog post and hope that it enlightens you even if just a bit more than you may have felt prior to reading it.  Be Blessed!
To Your success,
German Lopez

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