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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My FB Krusher Review After One Month - Is Facebook Krusher Legit?

My FB Krusher Review After One Month - Is Facebook Krusher Legit?

I'm sure that many of you who read this blog post may either know what FB Krusher is, or have heard of Facebook Krusher before in some kind of light.  But is it really legit?  Is it as great as people say it is, or is it all hype and fluff just like other marketing products out there that people have bought into and have regretted afterwards?  I'm sure you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach... the feeling of "I can't believe I bought this".  Ever felt that feeling before?  And will you feel that with this product as well?  Well here's my official honest FB Krusher review.  Are you ready?

Does Facebook Krusher Live Up To The Hype?

I'm going to start by saying that I honestly stumbled upon Facebook Krusher by seeing someone's post on my Facebook account.  I didn't really know what prompted me to see it, as some of these products have me a bit jaded already.  They promise the world in less than 30 days, but may only deliver on 10% of what they claim.  Of course, there are solid products out there as well that do deliver, but people who join them don't take the time to actually put in the work completely, take all kinds of shortcuts, and then blame the product when in fact, they need to blame themselves.  So I'm not faulting one side of the coin or the other.
However, with FB Krusher, this product is a bit of a different breed.  It's not one of those intensely overhyped training courses that you know from the jump that as soon as you buy it, it won't deliver. 
For those of you that wondered or didn't know what it was, Facebook Krusher is in fact a Facebook marketing course with videos that shows you how to build targeted leads using Facebook.  I know, big whoop some of you say right?  But it actually shows you things that you can utilize in different ways for your niche to help build you targeted leads via Facebook.
I admit that I was hesitant at first into getting it, as I could probably have done other things with the initial $47.00 investment, but being of the marketing mentality that I am, I decided to go against the grain and give it a try.  And within the first week or so, I started to slowly see some of its results kicking in from some of the training that it shows you.
And I could see that it was slowly doing what it stated it would within the training videos.  I was getting targeted leads... leads of potential clientele that were wanting to know more information from me.
This for me was weird, given I'm not in most of the typical biz opps like WakeUpNow, Ingreso, or MCA to name a few.
My niche, my main niche anyway (I do dabble in other things), is hip hop beats, as it is my product creation and something I'm passionate about.  And because of my passion for it, I'm always looking around for other potential training courses or things that can help get the exposure I need more and more. 
However, I wasn't sure if FB Krusher would help given my niche as a lot of marketing tools don't work nearly as well for me as they would for those in the internet marketing niche, or even in weight loss for that matter.  My niche is always a bit off, as there are more freebie hunters than not.  That said, I decided to invest in it to see how it would work.  After all, I had made some sales, so I figured to invest some of it back into my business.  You have to invest in yourself after all if you want success, regardless of the niche that you're in.
I said something a couple of days ago that I think fit the nail on the head, and that quote, is
"You have to INVEST and LEARN to EARN", which I feel is very true. 
Most people want to EARN, but they don't want to take the time out to learn how to make money online, and even worse, they don't want to take a moment to INVEST in their learning when in fact, learning and building your knowledge is a MAJOR key ingredient to succeeding online.  I don't feel you have to learn everything known to man, but when you invest in your learning and you start picking up gems that you can implement, and you start seeing that you're making money online, that's a great feeling to feel, and I've been feeling it for 10+ years now with my niche.
But back to the topic at hand as I've strayed off a bit.

How Has FB Krusher Helped Me In A Month's Time - My Results So Far

I wanted to write up this FB Krusher review because I wanted to give you all an idea on how it's panned out for me after a month's time of using the techniques I learned from it.  I figure that a month at this time was a good time to give you a review.  Sometimes things pan out great the first week and then fall out a week or two after, so I decided a month at this point and I'll do another FB Krusher review another month or so as well.
That said, the reason you are all reading this blog post now is because you want to know the results.  So let's see what the results were.
As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my hip hop niche Facebook account had started with about 472 members.  I had built these members within a couple of years or so of using my account to build more clientele of hip hop artists, singers, and lyricists, even business entitles who were looking to use my hip hop beats and r&b instrumentals for their mixtapes, albums, business presentations, and so on.
Okay, so keep in mind that number... 472 within let's say 2.5 or 3 years roughly that it took me to build those numbers.
Ready for what I've seen so far after using it a month?
As you can see from the image above, I now have a total of 719 friends, and that's not even counting the pending 25 you see above that I have to confirm today!  I'm not sure of the actual measure of Recently Added, though I believe it's a measure of a couple of weeks. 
But having started at 472, I now have 719 so that nets me a total of 247 new friends I added to my Facebook account!  And this was all from the power of what I learned from FB Krusher!  I'm not using PPC ads, I'm not paying for anything to build these targeted leads to my account.  The only thing I paid was the $47.00 initially to learn how to do it, and I've been since recouped that investment and more.
Below was an earlier screenshot of what I had taken when I started up.  I believe this was on my previous FB Krusher Review blog post.
As you can see, this was the first shot I took that was within 2 weeks or so of using it.  I actually started officially learning from it on January 11th when I invested in it, and started implementing it probably the next day or two, if I can recall.  But as I had also shown you on my other blog post, I had managed to get some sales within a few days of using its tactics.  I'll post the image again below for you to review:
This was within the first few days, as you can see above.  The dates were for January, and I managed to get $30.00 for it.  And here's a more updated recent shot for February as well below:
These sales were also earned from new clientele that I managed to build from using Facebook Krusher's strategies to build more Targeted leads, which in turn purchased from me.  As you can see, I've more than recouped the $47 for it as I've managed to make an extra $125 within this month for my hip hop beats sales, so everything else is straight profit that I'm earning for the targeted leads I'm building from what I learned using FB Krusher's guidelines!

How Can I Start Building Leads For My Business, FB Krusher Sounds Exciting!

Given that my niche is so odd, and that there are so many freebie seekers, using FB Krusher's training videos to elevate my Facebook marketing has really shocked me in a great way.  And I've tried other things in the past, so for me to see this kind of impact is big!
With that said, I feel that for those of you out there that are looking to use it for marketing your business opportunities such as WakeUpNow, or MCA, or even your own product creation like an ebook or video course you may have put together for internet marketers, or for people in fitness or weight loss for that matter, would work really well. 
I think some of the evergreen niches that people are always looking for, such as making money online, weight loss and fitness, health, and motivational products, relationship and dating, and even pet training perhaps, are niches that should do really well with FB Krusher's training.  And given how well these particular niches do, I'm sure that you'll be able to build leads nicely with the training you'll learn from Facebook Krusher!
There is an upsell within the program as well, called the Elite course, which is something you can go back into at a later time.  This section will take your Facebook marketing to the next level with showing you how to use chat and Youtube to really nail down targeted leads and conversions.  But with what I've demonstrated above from the screenshots, I've managed to make this happen at the standard $47.00 level for now.  I do know others that are really making FB blow up for them with the Elite level, so if you have the extra $177.00 for that particular program as well when you're ready, by all means.  After all, the more you invest in your business, and especially your learning as I said above, the more you can do!
But with that said, if I had to give an overall assessment, my FB Krusher review would be that it is indeed a great training program, and definitely one I'd recommend if you were really looking to leverage Facebook for targeted leads and sales.  Some of you may know some of the things in it, but I think there are still some gems within the training program altogether that definitely gets my two thumbs up for this program.
If you're looking into building targeted leads for your niche, whatever it may be, I'd definitely recommend investing in FB Krusher for some added strategies to make Facebook really work for you.  After all, if you're already on Facebook often, why not make it work for you and help you get paid for it at the same time?
You can click here for the FB Krusher training program page.  I hope that it really works wonders in your marketing attempts the way it's been doing for me so far.
With that said, I'm going to cut this blog post for now as I've written more than an eye ful.  But I hope that my FB Krusher review has helped you some if you had questions about what it is or if it is legit.  Happy marketing!  And if you have any questions, do be sure to Add Me on Facebook here at Nyrican11 (it was what I named my facebook account when I FIRST started it) and Inbox me.
To your success!
German Lopez


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