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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aggressive Marketing And Why It Doesn't Help You

Aggressive Marketing And Why It Doesn't Help You

So over the last few days, I've been dealing with more and more observing and it has led me to write this blog post on aggressive marketing and how abundant it seems to be growing and growing out there in the internet marketing world.  It has gotten so to where I had some people approach me aggressively to where it really just annoyed me, and so I'm writing this blog post.  I'm sure some of you can relate, at least, I'd hope that you can relate more on the receiving end rather than the practice of being aggressive.  So let's proceed forward.

The Aggressive Behavior Experiences

I want to touch on some of the different experiences that I have personally experienced.  I know we all go through our own experiences, so what I'm sharing are some of mine.  You may of course be able to relate as well, in fact, I'm sure to at least some degree, you probably had several of these experiences happen to you as well over time, especially if you've been doing internet marketing for awhile.  If you're a new person to marketing though and may realize, "Hmmm... I guess I came across like this to someone before", then now's your chance to curb your approach a bit.  So let's dive in.
The Aggressive Messenger
Over the last few days, I had the "pleasure" sarcastically speaking of course, to deal with a few people (and I'm not going to name names, not my practice) that decided to send me a Facebook message to market their business opportunity.  However, this person found it cute to pretty much tell me that they knew we had the same interests and so he knew that I'd be a perfect fit for his business opportunity, and immediately blasted the link to me. 
I politely told the person that I appreciated the info and would take a look at it when I had a free moment.  Of course, they insisted that it was a great business to take part in and that I shouldn't take too long deciding because it would only be a matter of time before I'd lose my chance. 
Okay, so while I understand clearly the concept of "scarcity", and how it helps make sales, pushing yourself onto me in a way that makes me feel like I have to DO IT RIGHT NOW is definitely NOT the way to build business and clientele.  Quite opposite, you'll easily push people away and may also turn them into messengers ready to spread word to others to NOT do business with you.
The Follow Up Hound
I've also experienced what I like to call the "Follow Up Hound".  This type of aggressive marketer finds it in their best interest (not yours) to constantly "follow up" with you every single day, sometimes two or three times a day, to see if you've checked out their business opportunity video and so forth and want to know your thoughts.  While they're not as aggressive as the previous example above, they DO also come across aggressively. 
I advised that I would let them know if I was interested and would contact them.  But every day for several days til I finally just stopped replying, they would ask me if I saw their video and my thoughts on it since they felt it would be a great opportunity with "my expertise"... ummm, you don't really even know me to know my "expertise" let alone to insist on following up on me like a military recruiter to a high school senior until you say YES and YES I'm In. 
So tip to any of you following up with people that you are trying to get into your business:  Follow up once, and maybe again in a few days if you've not yet heard back.  Following up every day is yet another aggressive marketing No No, and an easy way to get someone to BURN the bridge with you altogether.
The Picture Tagger
This is another type of person that warrants aggressive behavior, and I've been through it more than enough times.  This person will tag you in every single picture that they have regarding their business opportunity and will hope that they build more and more sales by simply tagging you in everything they do.  It gets to where you want to simply unfriend that person altogether. 
I'm sure that you've dealt with this person on Facebook as well, have you not?  They do this once a day, sometimes even two, three, or more times a day, and you get all the notifications from everyone who replies which can drive you up the wall.  And it doesn't matter if you untag yourself because there will be yet another picture that day or the next day with your tag on it once again. 
So to those aggressive marketers out there, if you feel compelled to tag people, do it every once in awhile.  It IS okay to tag people in your team and to help them with tips and strategies by tagging them on helpful information.  But to simply blast your promotion?  That my friends is a very big NO and another easy way to burn a bridge with someone instead of get a commission.
The Comment Spammer
This is yet another aggressive marketing tactic that isn't a great look for you either.  This type of marketer (and I've had this happen to me several times before) will post a comment reply to many of your posts with their business opportunity or comments to contact them to get in on a way to make lots of money.  I've seen this in Facebook Groups, and I've even seen it on my wall as well. 
This aggressive marketer finds it a point to comment on your every post with their business opportunity or affiliate marketing link or promo.  They may think this is a great way to get people to buy from them, but they couldn't be more wrong if they tried.  You burn a severe bridge when you're constantly spamming people's comment boxes with your links and promos, especially if they're in no way related to the person's post. 
So if you practice this type of aggressive marketing, you'll want to reconsider it fast.  You may have already burnt more bridges than you know.
The Marketing Friend
This one is not as aggressive as the others, but I know that there are several of you out there that can relate to this one as well I'm sure.  This will be one of those scenarios (and I've experienced this as well) that will warrant a Facebook friend or personal friend even more so, to come out of the blue and all of a sudden start promoting something they're now into and think you'd be great at.
The sad thing is that aggressive marketing like this runs the risk of burning a bridge with someone that you were friends with especially if you both knew each other for a longer period of time.  It's never cute when you have a long time friend who you may have known from school or a former place of employment hit you up with a message of what appears as a fake hello or "thinking of you" followed by a business opportunity or product they're trying to promote. 
This doesn't ever come across well at all and only appears as someone who is willing to sell their soul just to get any family and friends they can think of on board with their business opportunity to make some commissions from you.  I don't ever like to promote business opportunities to friends or family at all but that's my choice.  I would rather promote myself on my own accord and if friends ask me about what I'm doing, then I'll honestly tell them and let them make that choice.  But to solicit myself to my friends on this "new opportunity", no, that's not my practice at all.
I feel that if you must feel the need to market to friends especially if you haven't talked to them in awhile prior, be a friend first.  Don't hit them with your business opportunity the first day you talk to them especially if it's been awhile since you last talked.  Check in with them, find out how they are, genuinely.  Don't think to yourself, "Hey, I haven't talked to John in awhile or David for that matter, I'm sure I can convince them to join my new business opportunity" and see them as dollar signs like some old school cartoon.  Instead, build with them on a friendship level that you already had with them first before you "go in for the kill" if you must do that to your friends (again, not my practice at all with friends). 
Some people feel that just because they know friends prior that the moment they take into a product, that it gives them the biggest green light to hit you up with any product they are doing business with now in hopes that your friendship or family bond alone will solidify a sale or commission for them. And if it doesn't, they either insist it on you because they feel they can due to the "friendship" or they then call you a hater or someone who is obviously not supportive of what they are doing when it's not that at all.  It really is sad when you have a good friend turn into an aggressive marketer towards you altogether.  But, they are out there, especially if the commission is high and also ties in to residual monthly incomes as well.
This isn't a great feeling when you're on the receiving end, but those who do this don't tend to think of the consequences that it can cause a friendship, especially if what they are promoting they either don't know much about yet, or know it's not a great product at all but still promote it with the hopes that they'll still make enough commissions to make their money back and a bit of profit.  It's sad how some do this, and is a reason why I put it into the aggressive marketing tactics that are out there.
So a tip for that again, is if you want to promote to your friends, simply promote by other means altogether and if any of your family or friends are interested, let them contact you and then Be Honest with them about it.  Don't talk it up to be the best thing in life especially if you don't yet feel that way, and don't try to convince them to join now because it's a must.  Be honest with them, treat them how you'd want to be treated if YOU were the friend on the receiving end of it.  Don't make your family and friends feel like they're blood in shark infested waters especially from you.  It's not a great feeling at all to deal with and only potentially ruins your friendships.

Aggressive Marketing Just Does Not Work So Avoid It At All Costs

Though people know that aggressive marketing can be damaging, they do it anyway.  They don't think about or care about the potential consequences as long as they can get you on board to make commissions.  But in the long run, that only damages their integrity and ruins their character when things finally come to light.
It doesn't really pay to be an aggressive marketer to your people.  As a matter of fact, the movie that always comes to my mind whenever I think of people that try to approach me with any of the above mentioned tactics, is the movie "Boiler Room" with Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi.  If you've not watched it before, I recommend it.  It's a good movie overall but will definitely give you the idea of aggressive marketing as well.
On that note though, if you practice any of these methods with anyone, whether friends and family or otherwise, you may want to slow down on those marketing tactics as they typically do not work.  You only wind up turning off more people than you put onto your business or product, and you spread word of mouth fast like wildfire to avoid you altogether as well.
In short, be genuine with your clientele and see them as people that you'd want to spread good word about you, people you're ready to help before they ask you for it, people that you reach out to in order to build with them, and that in itself will build long time bonds and trust levels with them as well.  And they'll not only thank you for it later on, but will also recommend others to you as well, and that to me is much more valuable than any aggressive marketing gimmicks or strategies that you can put out there.  Just my thoughts.  On that note, happy marketing!
To YOUR Success,
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