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Hello everyone.  I wanted to put together a page of some internet marketing products that you may find helpful on your marketing journey, whether it's that you want to completely learn internet marketing, or may need to enhance certain areas whether it be social media marketing, video marketing, and more!  Remember, the more areas you learn about and tackle, the greater you can enhance your traffic, interests, leads, and ultimately, sales!

Feel free to take a visit to any of the links below.  You may just stumble upon the very tool you were looking for, or something that you feel will really be worth the investment to help you achieve what you were hoping to achieve!  To Your Success!


These programs will help teach you the ins and outs of internet marketing so you can make money online and create your own business as well from what you learn.

Chris Farrell Membership

I talked about this membership on my training blog post.  The reason I highly suggest this program at least for a month or two is, you will really learn a lot from this program.  There is an abundance of information in here, and though you may try to take as much down as you can within the first day or two to try to avoid being billed, you will still find more and more information.

I'd recommend it as a stepping stone if you're not at all familiar with internet marketing or some of the basic foundations of internet marketing that can help take your online business to new heights.  Even if you're familiar, you will still learn some gems from in here, so I would definitely recommend at least investing in this program for a month or two, three tops.

Copy Paste Cash Internet Marketing Boot Camp

If you're looking to learn a bit more in depth into affiliate marketing and taking a different approach to learning internet marketing, as well as paying only a smaller one time fee, then this is the program that you may want to consider.  

At only a one time fee of $29.95, this program will keep you motivated and you will learn from it as well.  The bonus about this program is that you have the ability to also earn $25.00 (after your first $4.95 commission earning) per referral while you learn the program itself.

If you're not wanting to invest a whole lot into learning internet marketing just yet, this program is definitely a solid stepping stone for you, and if you earn two referrals, the program pretty much paid for itself!  Read more on my Copy Paste Cash blog post.

Member Desk - Learn How To Make Memberships

Wanting to learn how to develop and design your own special membership site?  Let's face it.  When it comes down to making money, membership sites really do well.  It may take a bit of time putting one together, but, if you have a passion for a certain topic and can put together videos to teach someone your craft, or provide advice or insight in another topic or niche, a Membership site is a great investment!  And the Member Desk training program will guide you to learn what you need so that you can create your own membership site!  

Imagine if you had just 10 people paying you $10 a month to learn your craft... that's $100 a month, so what about if you have 20, or 30, or even 100 people at $10 a month?  Do you see the power of a membership site now?


These programs are geared for helping you build visits, traffic, and leads to your business, which as a result, can turn into a nice sum of sales!

Submission Works

If you are looking to build some traffic to your website, as well as the potential to gain some sales and conversions, this is a good program to try at least for one month as I'm doing per my Submission Works blog post.

With the ability to submit 7 links that you can change at any time, you will find a nice increase in traffic, and may gather a nice set of leads and even sales depending on what you promote with it.  Very simple to use, simply plug in 7 links and it does the rest!


These programs / services are aimed for those of you who are looking to start up or build onto your email marketing campaigns.  Email marketing is great for building trust and sales!

AWeber Email Marketing Services

Email marketing in my opinion still has to be one of the more powerful strategies to make money online with.  However, with this highly reputable tactic, comes the need for an autoresponder email marketing service, and AWeber's reputation is beyond words!

More and more people continue to sign up to AWeber to start their email marketing campaigns because it works, and because AWeber has the tools that will help take your list building and your email marketing to the next level!  If you're looking for an affordable monthly fee email service, AWeber should be your first choice.

ArpReach Autoresponder Email Marketing Program

Another solid program that you can consider for your email marketing and autoresponder needs, is ArpReach.

ArpReach is formerly known as Autoresponse Plus which was around for a good while as well.  I personally have the Autoresponse Plus / arpReach program that I purchased and installed on my computer.  Reason being is that there's no monthly fees at all, and that to me sold me by itself.  Not to mention, it's a pretty solid email marketing program as well, so it was a great investment for me overall.

It really is a matter of your preference though, although I will say this:  Keep in mind how expensive AWeber will be once you reach a certain threshold of subscribers, versus ArpReach allowing you to continue building your list larger without monthly charge penalty.  Now you can see why I invested in this one instead of AWeber, though not to take anything away from AWeber as it has been a great tool as well for years!


arpReach - autoresponder with no monthly fees

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